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We are looking for talented, committed and professional speakers from all age groups for our latest project.

With over 40 roles there is something for every voice actor, whether bounty hunters, smugglers, stormtroopers, Sith or clone warriors.


Watch the Announcement Teaser NOW!

After completion of Bermuda 2, the production on Covenant has officially started. Our story takes viewers into the world of the Star Wars franchise. One of the main locations of the feature film will be Jedha City, known from "Rogue One". The frozen desert city is full of narrow streets, which are enlivened by many pilgrims, who believe in the force, some of which are force sensitive. This gigantic city was build by the Pixel Biestern.
The screenplay is written by Covenant Director Louis Anger and Sammy M'Barek. Furthermore, the Covenant Production is managed by Executive Producer Felix Baker.

The unique thing about Covenant is that it's fully made in Minecraft. The term machinima describes films that are staged with the computer game engines.


Covenant is our passion project. We have yet to discuss a realistic release date.

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